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LMS consultation

BrightBee is into LMS implementation for the last 5 years and we are confident to address any technical issues related to an existing or forthcoming learning management system.

LMS hosting

Our competent engineers will take-charge of hosting your learning management system either on a web server or with a local server available within your premises.

LMS customization

One of the major challenges most institutions are facing with their existing LMS is the lack of customization and limited number of interactive contents. Our creative team could help you on this by designing new and interactive contents by using the advanced tools available in the market.

LMS training

Is your team struggling to go further due to lack of technical knowledge on using sophisticated functionalities of your existing learning management system? We can definitely help you by delivering custom made training sessions to equip your team to handle any such functionalities.

LMS design and branding

Are you planning to take your institution to another level, in which your institution will be notified by a larger crowd through the internet and social media? Then we are there to help you to brand your institution with an excellent learning solution with your own website.

LMS video conferencing

This is the era of virtual class rooms and without a professional and cost effective video conferencing tool, an institution cannot go further. We are into deploying cloud based video conferencing tools and integration with the LMS.

LMS analytics & reporting

Is your management looking for a professional online dashboard showing the learning activities of the students on a regular basis? Our data analytics experts will provide you online dashboard prepared in Tableau or PowerBI

LMS migration and integration

Do you find your existing LMS old and need an update to the latest version or do you wish to migrate your cloud server to a local server inorder to reduce your recurring expenses? Our learning management specialists could help you on this.

LMS maintenance and support

Are you looking for regular support for the system maintenance and administration? BrightBee is open for an Annual Maintenance Contract with a nominal cost.



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